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NewsMag is one of the top-rated, popular, bestseller premium themes for news and magazine. It comes with 12 homepage demo and it is increasing. It is a modern WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. If you want to start News or Magazine, this Newsmag WordPress theme is excellent for you. It also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system.

Are you interested to purchase Newsmag theme? Do you want to know everything about this theme? If you are really interested, the first thing is to understand NewsMag from inside. Here’s in this newsmag theme review article, I am going to explain you everything about it and it’s feature so that all of my valuable readers like you would be able to judge whether it is right WordPress theme or not. I hope, after reading this article, you will know everything about it and will decide easily whether to purchase or not.

Read our NewsMag theme review to find out all the features of this highly rated and powerful WordPress theme, and whether it’s the right theme for you.

NewsMag Theme Review:

#About NewsMag – News Magazine Newspaper

NewsMag Theme Review: NewsMag Theme

NewsMag is one of the top-rated, popular, bestseller premium themes for news and magazine. It comes with 12 homepage demo and it is increasing. It is a modern WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. If you want to start News or Magazine, this Newsmag WordPress theme is excellent for you. It also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. In addition, NewsMag is Google AdSense ready theme.


  • Header styles

A header is one of the most important factors to consider while judging the theme. Because every reader sees the header at first. The theme without having modern and best header has less value.

NewsMag Theme Review: NewsMag Header Style

Newsmag currently offers 10 different Header Styles, each with its own unique design. I think it is the attractive feature of this theme. And every template comes with a logo spot that powers up your web identity, and a custom ad spot to maximize your revenue and on every style, you are given the freedom to change the fonts, opacity, and colors.

While setting header for your site, you can either display the top bar or not and this section gives you the option to display the weather, current date, sign in/join, top menu and social icons sections.

Header setup is very easy. And you can setup your favorite header within a few minute.

Here’s step to set up the header

  1. Step 1 – Navigate to Newsmag > Theme panel > Header, to access the header options. You will see 6 sections.
  2. Step 2 – Expand the Header Style section and select the desired header template. All options will automatically load based on your selection.
  3. Step 3 – Click the Save Setting Buton

NewsMag Header Style

  • Mega Menu

Who doesn’t want Mega Menu? I think there is no one who doesn’t want Mega menu on their site. The mega menu gives professional looks for your site. Mega menus are useful while showing the posts from specific categories inside the menu. The mega menu of NewsMag has a subcategory support, meaning that your visitors can switch from a category to another in the menu.

With NewsMag, you will be able to create Mega Menu for your site easily.

Here’s step to create a Mega Menu with Sub-categories:

  •  Step 1 – Go to Appearance > Menu
  • Step 2 -Add menu items from the left panels (Pages, Links, Categories)
  • Step 3 -Click on the menu item, and select the Category that you want to use, from the drop-down.

Newsmag Theme Mega Menu Feature

  • Homepage demo

The NewMag theme comes with 12 homepage demo and it is increasing on each update. If you like any one of them, you can easily import pre-built demo for your website. Is not it good for you?

I think the pre-built demo will heavily reduce your time to design the website.

While installing pre-built demo for your site, it does not mean that you can’t add an extra categories column, features on the homepage. You are free to add extra category column and make your website even modern and beautiful.

  • Footer

Despite footer laying at down of the site, it has the valuable weight for any site. Footer can be used to display some of the important contents for users.

Newsmag theme comes with 10 beautiful styles. You can now customize the footer by adding text, widgets or social icons, and maximize your website impact on the audience. The footer uses widget areas to display information.

Step to set up footer template

  • Step 1 – Navigate to Newsmag > Theme panel > Footer, to access the options. You will see 5 sections.
  • Step 2 – Expand the Footer Settings section and select a template. All options will automatically load based on your selection.
  • Step 3 – Click the Save Settings button

In this way, you can easily setup the best footer template for your website.

  • Show your article in a different way

This NewsMag theme allows you to display a single article in a different way. It comes with around 10 different post template so that you can show the article in 10 different ways.

There are a global setting and individual setting for post template. It means you can implement all of the post templates for different articles.

In a single article, you have many setting options to show or hide such as categories tags, author name, date, post views, comment count, author box and etc.

I think the post template is another great feature of this NewsMag theme.


  • Built-in Ad ready

NewsMag theme comes with built-in ads ready. So sometime this theme is called Google Adsense ready theme.

But why is it important?

It is always good if you have built-in ads ready functionality on your theme. With this functionality, you don’t need to install any extra plugins for advertisement in your website.

NewsMag has developed the ad ready system so that many different spots are available to display the ads such as header, sidebar, single article and etc.

  • Smart sidebar

Smart sidebar is another best functionality of this NewsMag theme.

But what is the smart sidebar on your website? Does it help your visitors move through your site and access your most important content faster and easier?

This smart sidebar feature lets you create and assign different sidebars to different pages or categories. This gives you endless opportunities to add value to your website. The smart sidebar is sticky sidebar that has auto-resize and it scrolls along with the content.

  • Breadcrumbs

When it comes to SEO for your site. Breadcrumbs enable has advantage. Because they allow a clear view of your site’s structure. The breadcrumbs are a very useful navigation tool. They provide an easy way for the user to smoothly surf your site, from post to category, to the next post, or from child page, to parent page etc.

The NewsMag theme comes with custom breadcrumbs which appear at the top of the content.

  • Modern category template

NewsMag theme is designed in such a way that you can display category in a modern way. The theme has multiple templates enabled for the headers and on the top section.

You can display your posts in various ways, customize your sidebars, and use unlimited colors and background options for all category templates. You have dozens of combinations to try, and endless possibilities to make your website an amazing user experience for the visitors.

The theme comes with 6 different category header templates and 7 different grids with 7 styles each.

  • Translation ready

Translating your website is very easy with this NewsMag theme. And it does not involve any coding skills. Newsmag lets you translate all the strings which are present on the front end of your website. The theme is capable of loading already-made translations for 90 languages.

  • CPT and Taxonomy

The theme comes with custom post type support feature. If you want to experiment with Custom Post Type support, you can download our testing plugin. The plugin registers a ‘td_books’ post type and it adds two taxonomies to it ‘td_writers’ and ‘td_genre’.

  • Import/Export

Import/Export feature is one of the great features of WordPress. It comes to be valuable when the site is to be moved from one server to another.

If you plan to migrate from one server to another and take only the theme settings, or you just want to copy them to another install, you can use the theme integrated Import / Export system. The settings are located in Newsmag > Theme Panel > Import / Export.

The theme settings are all the settings made inside the Theme Panel area, and they don’t include any content or settings made on pages or posts. But if you want to import/export contents, you need to use WordPress built-in Import/Export functionality.

  • Unlimited color

The theme colors are part of your website’s identity, so their customization is important. This NewsMag theme with unlimited color options to choose.

It’s color picker supports Hex codes (like #FA4FBCA), and RGBA (like rgba(213,152,65,0.4)) and it has sliders for transparency and color intensity.

  • Font customization

Newsmag Theme has a font customization theme section where you can set custom, Google, Typekit or standard fonts, font sizes and font line heights. Everything you need to adjust your website fonts, you will find under the Theme Fonts tab!

The theme fonts panel section is structured in 12 expandable areas related to the elements you can customize. In each area, you will find a standard font, size, line height, style, and weight loaded by default. All these elements are fully customizable.

From here, you can select what character subsets will be loaded for each Google font. The character subset will be loaded only if the font supports the specific glyphs. Try to enable only the subsets that you use, because with each additional subset the site will slow down the loading process.

  • Background

Don’t underestimate your background. Most of the theme comes with background white color. But it is not guaranteed to be liked by all of your visitors.

With NewsMag theme, you can set your own background color or image. And it is not limited to the homepage, a custom background image or color can be set on each of the category pages.

The addition of background image means that it can be background ad as well. Adding image URL, it can be considered as background ads that result in increased revenue.

Other features

  • All the blocks – Please select your block from the top. You can mix and match the ones you like. All of the content blocks support Ajax pagination and subcategories (including slides)
  • Live search with Ajax and up&down keys
  • One-click demo install – No more .XML files, with just one click you have the demo data installed
  • Powered by WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress   – the most popular drag and drop page builder
  • Custom auto scaling content blocks – A block changes its structure to work perfectly (in sidebar, full width, or pages with sidebar)
  • Responsive Google AdSense.
  • Responsive ads support.
  • Inline Google AdSense or other ads after a predefined number of paragraphs
  • Auto YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo thumb downloader – just paste a YouTube URL and the site will download the largest image available from the clip automatically, and it will set it as a featured image.
  • Built in Review System (stars, percents, points)
  • SEO: Schema with rich snippet microdata for articles and reviews
  • Built in Translation support
  • Multi Language site support via the free qTranslate plugin. All from wp-admin.
  • Google fonts – Change the fonts easy from the admin panel
  • Sticky navigation menu – with option to enable, disable or enable only on big screens (not on phones)
  • Each category has: 
    • 6 category templates styles
    • 7 category top posts styles – each with 7 unique grid styles
    • 15 custom module style (loop style)
    • Custom colors
    • Custom background image
    • Custom sidebar + position (left, full, right)
  • Unlimited sidebars – Each post, page, and category can have its own sidebar. Also, the author, search, tag, blog index templates, all have custom sidebars
  • Built in related posts based on tags, author or category
  • Easy Google Analytics support (just paste the code in our admin)
  • 10 footer layouts
  • Custom page builder elements: 
    • Big Grid slide
    • 7 Big Grids
    • 16 Blocks
    • Social Counter with 10 unique styles
    • Instagram widget
    • Weather widget
    • Exchange widget
    • News ticker
    • Video playlist
    • Text with title
    • Ad box
    • Homepage post
    • Popular category
    • IOS Slider
  • Custom widgets 
    • Popular category widget – show most popular category
    • Author box widget – show authors sorted by number of posts, or by name
    • Social Counter widget – shows numbers of likes, followers or subscribers
    • Ad box – allow you to select an ad zone (you define the responsive ad zones in our panel)
    • 16 Blocks
    • Instagram widget
    • Weather widget
    • Exchange widget
    • Slide
    • Text with title

What’s included in NewMag theme package?

When you download the Newsmag theme from your account on Themeforest, you can choose to download the entire package or just the theme. The theme package is a zip file which contains the following structure:

  • Child Theme
  • Documentaion
  • Licensing information
  • Patch – it contains the files modified from the previous version. It is useful if you made modifications to the code and you want to replace only the files which were modified in the latest update.
  • plugins – the recommended plugins, namely TagDiv Composer, Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Social Counter and Speed Booster.
  • PSD files –  includes the PSD files which are useful if you want to customize various aspects of the original design. Located in /psd folder.
  • logo files – we included all of our demo logos in the /psd_logo folder. The logos are also available in .png format.
  • changed_files.html – a list of the added or modified files in the latest update.
  • – the WordPress theme.
  • update_log.txt – a list of the modifications made in each update.

Do you get support?

There is no doubt about premium support. All you need is to sign up to their forum. If you encounter issues while using this NewsMag theme and you need assistance, please contact the Newsmag theme support department.

Main support location is the forum.

How to receive support

  1. Please register on the forum. For this, you need the Item Purchase Code.
  2. Once registered, login and navigate to the section dedicated to the theme you bought (ex.
  3. Create a new post.
  4. Describe the issue and if necessary, include a link or some images which may help us identify the cause.

Remeber, they offer on-site assistance and debugging ONLY via their private email address, where you can safely and securely send them the login credentials.

  • The login credentials that are given to them are protected by the privacy policy. They will not save them and will use them only for fixing, debugging or solving the problem you report to us.


We have tested NewMag theme default demo on different page speed tests. Data from the Chrome User Experience report indicates this page’s median FCP (2.5s) and DCL (3.8s) ranks it in the bottom third of all pages. This page has a good level of optimization because few of its resources are render-blocking.

NewsMag Page Speed Report


NewsMag is a News/Magazine/Blogging WordPress theme, it comes with tremendous features and settings, which might be a little difficult for the beginners. But it does not mean that you can get your site easily with this theme. Because it has quality documentation available that makes your life easier while creating a site with NewsMag theme.

The theme does not support RTL and it does not have full-width feature.


NewsMag is one of the best themes for making the news/magazine/blogging site. The theme has so clean and neat design that any visitors will be impressed to see your site. It has many functionalities and features to make your site’s look professional and modern. If you have already the news or magazine or blog, it’s the right time to change your site design with this NewsPaper theme. Or if you are going to start your magazine or blog, this theme can be best for you.

The best features and functionality mentioned above will definitely encourage you to buy this theme. Beautiful design and other great features are an important factor but fast loading is another very important factor. This Newspaper theme has been built keeping in mind that it should be fast loading site on smaller devices.

So if you want to make your news/magazine/blog site without any line of coding, this NewsMag theme will be the best choice for you.

NewsMag Theme for NewsPaper


What do you think about NewsMag Theme Review ?

Or have you already used this NewsMag Theme? If you have already used this theme, please let us share your experience in the comment section below.

NewsMag is one of the top-rated, popular, bestseller premium themes for news and magazine. It comes with 12 homepage demo and it is increasing. It is a modern WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. If you want to start News or Magazine, this Newsmag WordPress theme is excellent for you. It also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system.





User Experience


SEO Ready


Design Quality








Customer Support




Documentation Quality



  • Modern Design
  • Fully Responsive
  • SEO Ready
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Social Integration


  • No RTL
  • No Full-width

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